Modern Day Marxism

In between sips of peppermint mocha he tells me about
corruption, capitalism, and freedom
I recognize some of his phrases from a New York Times article
I read last week
He is in the process of writing his college dissertation paper
comparing Marxist theory to modern Libertarianism
His prime source is a copy of The Communist Manifesto
he bought from Barnes and Nobles for $19.99,
paid for by the swipe of his credit card
It is hardcover with the most beautiful glossy finish I have ever seen
(Sticky tabs portrude from its pages,
the markings of an exceptional student)
He has a very detailed conspiracy theory about the government he tells anyone who will listen
I wonder if that is all he has learned from his $60,000 a year
Ivy League education
As he speaks of tragedies in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
his first-world blood boils with the thrill of a rebellion
he was not born to bleed for
Him becoming a revolutionary would be like a robot writing a love song—
absurd and hilarious in a sad, hollow way
His eyes remind me of uncertain streetlights
flickering because they aren’t sure whether they have the permission to disturb
the silence of night
He sees the corruption of the American Dream
I see a boy sending postcards from his home in suburbia
to people of fantasy lands he watches on CNN News so that
for a few minutes he can feel more than just
another privileged kid with something to prove


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