November 2014 TCWT Blog Chain: Being a Teenager

When I first saw this post on Teens Can Write Too, I was extremely excited! A little different from the usual literature-inspired prompts but definitely thought-provoking and very YA, especially since I’ve seen so many YA authors botch it up. I actually did a similar post talking about the expectations vs reality of being a teenager here.

Everyone’s experience is a little different, but I bet everyone’s was at least one part awkward and three parts bizarre and unpredictable.

This month’s chain topic is:

Use pictures and individual words to show what, to you, is the essence of being a teenager. 

Losing your vocabulary to slang: a guide to using teen-specific wordage

  • exaggerating everything

  • OK kk
  • “that” and “tho” “dat” and “doe”
  • #truth #TBT #confessions
  • Is that a thing now?
  • just kidding jk
  • emoticons  🙂 😦 😀 😛 o.O >.<
  • basically shortening everything (totes, fam, APUSH) to the point that it becomes a completely different word

Ugghhh, my parents are sooooo embarrassing

Being cynical


An obsession with memes


You think ultimate happiness is financial independence, a loft in NYC, a boyfriend/girlfriend, and a BFF.

Spending too much time on social media


You’re convinced both of your parents popped out of the womb aged 40. You love them but you see their lives as the definition of ultimate unhappiness (always working, having “no lives” outside family, not owning a single trendy item of clothing)

The photos on your phone basically summarize your entire day

'For me, an experience just isn't real until it's been digitized.'

Having an MCM/WCW (Man Crush Monday, Woman Crush Wednesday)



You’re on top of the world. Bulletproof. Unafraid. Then you’re crashing. Coming down. Utterly depressed. But really, you just want to feel like you’re living.

Physical inconveniences


You don’t know how to love yourself yet so you constantly seek love in other things and other people

You have a love-hate relationship with basically everything

I’m going to close this off by saying that I turn 17 in a month, which means only a year left until I’m not a teenager anymore. And only four until I’m a legal adult. Wow. I think I’m getting pre-nostalgia for my teenage years.

Yesterday I had a conversation about this with one of my friends. She said, “I just realized something! You’re going to be one of those adorable old ladies who try to text your grandchildren with teenage speak!”

I can’t wait!

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8 responses to “November 2014 TCWT Blog Chain: Being a Teenager

  1. Ahaha, yes, all the memes and gifs! The cyberspeak too, I suppose, although I confess I stick to proper grammar and punctuation 99% of the time. Emoticons are great for ending sentences though 🙂

    And I saw that social media post on Tumblr! It’s an especially relatable post there because they added tag rants for Tumblr and a couple of comments for Reddit, 4chan, etc. But yeah, it’s a great choice for this month’s theme!

    • I totally get what you mean by the grammar thing! I still use commas and apostrophes when I text! My friends say I have a very distinct style of texting! I think peoples’ texting styles are just as diverse and interesting as their writing styles 😀

  2. Most of this is true! I try not to shorten my words but sometimes it slips. I don’t use emoticons as much as others but I do use them when I’m bored or don’t know how to reply.

    Thanks for sharing!

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