Things I Did Not Learn in School


June, but it’s closer to July than May. I’ve already made peace with that month. I will not look back.

I kiss the edges of textbooks and crime scenes. It tastes like forgiveness. I do not yell at my unconscious being. I can enjoy her beauty.

It is 6 o’clock, Monday morning. I’m up earlier than I have to be. You do not know what this means to me. I am an undiagnosed insomniac who has never seen the sun rise on a non-schoolday.

I have epiphanies most often during destinationless hikes. I find closure with my past self by conversing with her about the future like it is all in reach and graspable.

I am too many people in one skin. Everyday I carve out new cells for each of them. Just an hour ago I was talking about the glories of the internet and now I am meditating in my closet where I can and probably will spend the rest of my day.

I like rain. I love Seattle. The best days are the ones I close my eyes in the middle of a busy street only to hear the sound of raindrops on asphalt above all else.

I feel safe in this city that was always just short of being home.


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