Being a Teenager: Expectation vs. Reality



having too many friends

losing your vocabulary to slang

having a date to prom

wow, are you not wearing makeup today?

drinking beer with a boy who is every Nicholas Sparks character reincarnated

blasting hipster music

you are such a hopeless romantic!

staying up late to party, get drunk, and kiss boys

let’s ditch class and watch romcoms

being talked about and talking about others

OMG Ryan Gosling is sooooo dreamy

want to go shopping later?

throwing our hands up in the air

We’re, like, best friends forever

shhhh, don’t tell anyone


calling your friends to talk about yourself

not knowing how to respond to compliments

am i more of a science person or an arts person?

wow, i didn’t know he had a sensitive side

waking up at 5:30 to straighten your hair and only your lunch buddies notice

can i borrow two dollars?

hug me, i’m sad

crap, i need to study for apush

how do you live without music?

i just want to sleep for the rest of my life

pulling all-nighters because of homework (a lot less glamorous and cool than I envisioned)

my parents don’t understand

i need a job

don’t leave me when we go off to college

i want us to stay bff’s forever

i don’t have any money

awkward sarcasm

awkward silences

i just loooove your shirt, where’d you get it?


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