wordWe play with words our entire lives.

From the moment we opened our mouths, we have molded these completely arbitrary sounds to give physical shape to our thoughts.

What combination of words can I use to make someone like me? To despise me? To fall in love with me?

As I sit here, typing on my laptop, you are reading these words that were first conjured up in my mind on July 30th, 2014 at 11:49 Pacific Time. Perhaps you will form an image of me. Do you think I am a grown man? A precocious five-year-old? Or maybe I am just a blank face. Does it really matter?

Words are powerful; they reveal much more about a person than their exterior or their resume.

Next time, pay attention to the way your best friend chops up her sentences when she’s bored and writes run-ons when she’s excited. Or take notice of her unhealthy attachment to the word menagerie. Does she write more like an accountant or Charles Dickens?

Sometimes, words feel like an equation. The right combination = job accomplished. Other times, they are like icebergs–the majority of it is hidden below the surface.


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